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Tips on Creating a Beautiful Bedroom With Improved Relaxing Ambiance

The bedroom is the sanctuary, personal space, and comfort room inside your home. With that,bedroom decor is a way to refresh your soul and pamper your senses.
Moreover, having a beautiful bedroom decor can help enhance the relaxing environment of the bedroom.
Creating a beautiful bedroom is not that easy. Yes, you heard it right. There are things you need to consider in order to achieve a relaxing and beautiful ambiance. To know more, here are the following tips to have a great bedroom:

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1. You must choose a color or an wallpaper that is peace promoting such as Blue-Gray(cloudy shade of blue with gray undertones),Light Green(This lightest of greens has the dappled, fading light of a summer afternoon),Celestial Blue(Pretty and fresh,it looks beautiful paired with virtually any color). Those colors are relaxing and have a calm effect on the mind.
We chose Blooming Wall Weathered Wood Wallpaper because it has elegat design,it’s high quality and cost-effective,read more about it on WallDeco or Amazon.

2.Spoil Your Sense of Touch.We will spend almost a third of our lives sleeping,so it makes sense to spend time and thought on which mattress we buy.Therefore,it is important that you must ensure that your mattress is comfortable.We chose Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress for a better night’s sleep.

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3. Invest in gentle lighting and dimmers. Sconces and wall lights can also be used to enhance the ambiance of a room and cast light in areas that lamps and ceiling lights won’t quite reach. With that, it urges a bright light wherein you will be soft one that can be active and calm you down. We chose Kings Brand Fabric Shade Table Lamp(set of 2) because it’s high quality, great design, and affordable price.


4. Opaque window treatments. For a good night’s sleep, you need darkness. There are many options for shades, curtains or blinds that filter enough light so you can wake up in the morning naturally, yet provide sufficient privacy during the day.
We chose The Miro Brand Window Shadeeasy to trim,easy to install and they look custom.Those blinds are fantastic.

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5.Ceiling fan.Fans help provide good circulation and fresh air,which will aid in a good night’s sleep.Fans are often associated with warm-weather use,but they are just as beneficial during the cooler months.In summer,the blades rotate in a counter-clockwise direction and create a cool breeze.During the winter,set the fan to low and rotate blades in the clockwise motion.This creates an updraft,forcing the warmer air down and away from the ceiling,thus lowering heating costs.
We chose Hapton Bay Brookhurst Ceiling Fan, Beautiful color, quiet and very stable.

6. A Noteworthy Night Stand.No one will be happy if they can’t reach the light or easily put down a glass or a book. You won’t regret a nightstand with storage. Consider how many small items accumulate near your bed: remotes, books, phones, then pick one with shelves or a drawer to keep everything in reach.
We chose Sauder Palladia Night Stand,looks and feels high quality,has a great design and very good price.


7. A Cozy Rug to keep your feet warm before stepping into bed. Look for a thick shag rug or soft sheepskin for best results.
We chose Geometric Soft Abstract labyrinth multi area rug,great design,rich in colors and overall high quality.


8. You can add a personal touch to your bedroom by adding accent chairs, having a place to sit down and remove your shoes makes life a little easier.
We chose HomeElegance Flared Arm Accent Chair,fashionable,well made and very comfy.

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