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Futons come in many different shapes and sizes and are easily customizable to your home décor.

Sale Ara-Klik-Klak-Sofa-Bed-0

Ara Klik Klak Sofa Bed

$660.00 $512.03  

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Sale Coaster-Futon-Frame-Oak-0

Coaster Futon Frame-Oak

$342.00 $254.52  

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Sale DHP-Aria-Futon-White-0

DHP Aria Futon, White

$225.00 $149.69  

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Sale DHP-Ariana-Junior-Microfiber-Futon-0

DHP Ariana Junior Microfiber Futon

$97.99$142.00 $97.99$109.00  

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Sale DHP-Bexley-Linen-Futon-Grey-0

DHP Bexley Linen Futon, Grey

$212.14 $212.12  

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Sale DHP-Black-Metal-Arm-with-6-Futon-Mattress-Black-0

DHP Black Metal Arm with 6″ Futon Mattress, Black

$156.21$168.44 $124.00$165.00  

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Sale DHP-Dillan-Microfiber-Chaise-Lounge-Lounge-0

DHP Dillan Microfiber Chaise Lounge Lounge

$157.88$256.00 $142.67$165.41  

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Sale DHP-Metro-Futon-0

DHP Metro Futon

$280.00$299.99 $239.04$299.99  

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Sale DHP-Paris-Futon-with-Independently-Encased-Coils-0

DHP Paris Futon with Independently Encased Coils

$313.74$399.99 $313.74$331.12  

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Sale DHP-Premium-Westbury-Linen-Pillowtop-Futon-0

DHP Premium Westbury Linen Pillowtop Futon

$199.00$203.48 $199.00$202.86  

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Sale DHPA1-Metro-Microfiber-Split-Futon-0

DHPA1 Metro Microfiber Split Futon

$249.99 $219.00$226.89  

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Sale Mozaic-Twin-Size-8-Inch-Futon-Mattress-0

Mozaic Twin Size 8-Inch Futon Mattress

$135.33$199.99 $135.33$160.27  

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