Effective Small Home Office Decor and Styling Ideas

small home office

Effective small home office decor and styling ideas

Since you already have a small home office, it will allow you to focus on your work and finish it without even thinking of other things around you. But in such a small space, you will still encounter issues on how to keep your office tidy and professional.

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Even though the fact remains that you already have brought your work at home, the mess might still get you not focused on it at all.

With the piles of paperwork, computer and other items on your table, for sure these will all leave you distracted while working.

In order for you to avoid issues on your work, it is best for you to choose the right things to place in your office. Turn your messy area into something properly organized and professional-looking.

Looking for the right pieces of home office decor is necessary. This is especially true when you want to make the most out of the small place you’ve got. For you to get started, consider the following steps in picking decor you need to organize your small office:

walldeco small home office
1.Storage and Working Space
For a small home office, it is suggested for you to choose semi-customizable cabinets that you can use both as a storage space and a working table.
As much as possible, choose only those that serve their various purposes. This can help you save enough space while you keep your home office tidy.
We chose Sauder Grahm Hill Desk because is durable and has a lot of storage space. Learn more about it on WallDeco or Amazon.

walldeco small home office

2.Install Shelves or Racks

There is nothing better than putting those shelves and racks on one side of your office.
Doing so helps you store not only your papers but even other stuff like books and magazines you like to read during your free time.
We Chose Altra Lawrence 4 Shelf Ladder, an Amazon Best Seller because it’s easy to install and it’s sturdy and attractive. Learn more about it on WallDeco or Amazon.

walldeco small home office

3. Pick the Right Chair
If you have already bought a table, it is best for you to find a chair that best matches its height.
It should as well give comfort to you. There are a lot of options available.
If ever you can’t find the right one, it is best to have it customized to meet your requirements.
We chose Brylanehome Extra Wide Memory Foam Office Chair, an Amazon Best Seller because it’s fully adjustable, sturdy and comfy. Learn more about it on WallDeco or Amazon.


4. Make All Things Accessible
This idea could sometimes lead to a mess. This is most especially when you are not able to organize your things properly. Always remember that the key to a small yet efficient office is proper organization. All you have to do is to find decors that work both as a display and as storage.

5. Make Use of Natural Lighting
Instead of investing in expensive lighting fixtures, why not make use of the natural lighting in your office area? This helps not only to save power but for you to work smoothly and comfortably. This is due to the reason that you have all the light you need across your workspace. A lamp on your table will do. This is especially when you have to extend your work during the late afternoons but you want to maximize the use of natural lighting. The purpose is also to eliminate the struggles of fixing connections in your working area. If you also work with a computer monitor, you need to consider the placement of your lighting fixtures and of your window.

walldeco small home office

6. Never Settle with the Same Colors for your Office Cubicle
Instead of picking the same colors as your office cubicle, it is best for you to give your home office a warm and inviting tone. Even though you want to keep your office simple, unleash your creative side by picking a nice color. And then, just paint your walls. You can also choose for wallpapers but with inspiring prints. Hang frames or your vision board onto your wall in order to keep yourself motivated while you work.
We chose Qihang Minimalist Wallpaper just because IT LOOKS AMAZING. Learn more about it on WallDeco or Amazon.

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7. Make Use of Colorful Organizing Items
You have settled with plain colored folders in whites, blues, and blacks in your office. But, try not to do this in your home office. If you misplace your documents in your office with the same colored folders you use, why not change it when working at home.
One rule in giving your home office a new atmosphere is by using boxes, folders, and racks in different colors. This will help you not only to identify the contents but to keep everything in order. This is when it comes to putting papers or items intended only for certain color.

walldeco small home office

8. Don’t Overstuff Your Home Office
As much as you want to personalize your home office, avoid adding various items in your office. This is simply because you think you need it. Once you have organized your office, keep it that way. Yes, you may add some but make it possible to remove those that you don’t need.
When you choose for decor pieces, it is best to consider thinking about the ways on how to achieve an organized yet cozy working environment. Ensure that choose those items that could serve different purposes. The purpose is to make the most out of the space in your office.

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